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10,000 Dollars for Goz’s Hobart Football Jersey?
What would you be willing to pay for sports memorabilia? Some items may be sold for as high as one million dollars according to Josh Evans of Lelands who joined Levack and Goz earlier this week. Evans' company Lelands sports, will be auctioning two pieces of baseball memorabilia involving legen…
Yankees to Host Cubs For Two
The Yankees and the Cubs will do battle at Yankee Stadium for a two-game series beginning tonight at 7:05.
It just seems appropriate, that on Jackie Robinson Day, a day to honor one of the great pioneers of the sport, that we get a classic matchup between two of the oldest and most storied franchises…
Derek Jeter Back Provides Jolt For Baseball
The captain has returned, which is good for the Yanks.  But for baseball, it is even better.  Ratings are down, as is attendance, and the Yanks didn't have a face for the lovers and haters of the team to relate to or for those same people to go to the ballpark and see.  Now they …
The Best Yankee Ever
The Yankees are the model franchise in Major League Baseball.  They've won 27 World Series titles, they got the Pinstripes and the tradition.
There have been many great players in Yankee history.  So who is the best?