Baseball Great Pete Rose Talks With The Team
Pete Rose was banned from baseball on August 24, 1989 by then-commissioner Bart Giamatti for placing high stakes bets within the game, and even for and against his own team he managed, the Cincinnati Reds.  Rose is still banned from baseball and Hall of Fame induction.
Who’s Most Responsible for Biogenesis’ Link To MLB? [POLL]
Biogenesis has the potential to be the worst PED scandal in Major League Baseball history.  Clinic owner Tony Bosch is said to be cooperating with Major League Baseball officials and giving them information and documents of all users, which is at least 20 players but could be up to 50-75...
Bonds Will Be Found Not Guilty
The Barry Bonds perjury trial is going on right now.  Ho-Hum.  But when the dust (clean and) clears, I really think Barry Bonds will be found NOT guilty.
I'm not saying he didn't do steroids and lie about it.  He totally was juicing!  All I'm saying is this jur…