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Bill Belichick’s Fine – Lenient Or Excessive?
Earlier this week, the NFL fined New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick a whopping $50,000 for making contact with a replacement official following last Sunday night's controversial ending to the Patriots-Ravens game. Do you think the fine was too lenient, or was it a bit excessive...
NFL Icon Art Modell Passes Away
In Baltimore he is loved. In Cleveland he is loathed. For NFL fans elsewhere, he is mostly respected, I believe. Art Modell, the pioneer who helped merge the NFL and AFL has passed away at the age of 87 his family announced.
It was 1996 when after months, and years of trying to squeeze a new stadium …
Super Bowl XLVII Prediction [NoeBrainer]
There are plenty of teams that have a great chance to end up playing for a Super Bowl crown at the end of the season.  However, only two can make it.  Which two teams will play in Super Bowl XLVII?
Top Five NFL Running Backs
With the new contracts being signed yesterday by Ray Rice and Matt Forte, we got thinking about our list of Top Five running backs in the NFL - who makes your list?
NFL Network Top 100: Joe Flacco Vs. Tony Romo
The NFL Network just finished revealing the complete "NFL Top 100" list, which was voted on by the players themselves, and Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was ranked higher on the list than Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. If you were given the choice, who would you take - Flacco or Ro…
Who Can’t Kick A 32 Yard Field Goal?
Ok the pressure is on. Now I have to see if my leg can cash the ticket my mouth started. Seriously though does anyone think a 32 yard field goal isn't easy because I do. I mean 32 yards. That's home plate to 1st base plus 6 feet. How difficult can this really be...
Billy Cundiff Botch Gets Ace Ventura Treatment [VIDEO]
We all saw Billy Cundiff of the Baltimore Ravens miss what seemed to be an easy field goal to help the New England Patriots go to Super Bowl 46. The first thing I thought when I saw this was Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and the Ray Finkle character. Apparently I wasn't alone. I found this great v…

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