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Jets Cut Bart Scott, Calvin Pace, $30 Million In Salary
Tuesday was chopping block day for the NY Jets. When all was totaled five players and $30.7 million dollars were sliced from the payroll and the roster.
The biggest of the cuts were linebacker Bart Scott, he of the "can't stop a nosebleed" and "can't wait"…
Fans Who Heckle Pro Athletes
According to the New York Daily News today, Jets linebacker Bart Scott is taking issue with fans who are booing and heckling the team during home games at MetLife Stadium. Do you have any problem with fans who heckle / boo pro athletes?
Bart Scott Trademarks ‘Can’t Wait’
Following the Jets’ 28-21 playoff victory vs. the New England Patriots, linebacker Bart Scott blurted out a phrase to Sal-Pal that quickly became iconic.  Today he announced that he now owns the phrase.
NFL Trash Talking Is Okay
The Jets are in the AFC Championship for the 2nd straight year - and they don't mind telling you about it.
But I don't mind.  In fact, I sort of love it!
Jets Are Goin’ Down – To Pittsburgh
The Jets pulled off the biggest upset of the playoffs this season by beating the mighty Patriots at their own place. They talked the talk all week. On Sunday, the Jets walked the walk.