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Should The Hall Of Fame Ban Chief Wahoo?
For years there has been a struggle over what's the right way to handle sports mascots? In the NFL The Washington Redskins have taken a hard line and refuse to change their nickname or logo but in the MLB the Cleveland Indians have begun steps to distance themselves from their mascot "Chie…
Baseball Hall Of Fame President With Levack And Goz [AUDIO]
The 2017 class for the National Baseball Hall of Fame was announced Thursday. President Jeff Idelson announced the names of Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines and Ivan Rodriguez. He did so in a quick and timely manner. The class is missing Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens...
The Vibe in Cooperstown (AUDIO)
What was the vibe like in Cooperstown this weekend for the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremonies? How were the speeches of Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza?
To answer all that and more, we brought in Times Union Sports Editor and columnist Pete Iorizzo to the Monday edition of '…
Conroy to Be Featured in Baseball HOF
After a stellar career at RPI, Sean Conroy has found himself in professional baseball, and has found himself a spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.
No, Conroy won't be enshrined, but he will also never be forgotten.
The Shenendehowa graduate broke down barriers this season when he be…
Cooperstown Wasn’t The Same In 2013
I have been going to Cooperstown every year since 2002 for Hall of Fame Weekend, one year as a fan and the other 10 as a media member.  Not this year. No living members were inducted (first time since 1965) so I bagged it.  And even from afar, it had the feel of a very different weekend.
Baseball Great Pete Rose Talks With The Team
Pete Rose was banned from baseball on August 24, 1989 by then-commissioner Bart Giamatti for placing high stakes bets within the game, and even for and against his own team he managed, the Cincinnati Reds.  Rose is still banned from baseball and Hall of Fame induction.

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