NCAA College Football Bowl Recap — Dec. 17-23
Bowl season is in full swing. Here’s a look back at what went down in the first week of games.
Thursday, Dec. 22
Maaco Bowl; Las Vegas, NV
Doug Martin returned the opening kickoff 100 yards for a touchdown and he also ran for 151 yards and another score, as the e…
LSU Alabama Rematch
Oh the sky is falling. A crime has been committed. Blow the whole thing up. The BCS is awful! These are some of things the detractors of College Football's system will declare-and yet none of them will be true. In fact I will argue unlike any other sport the BCS which was set up to give football fan…
No BCS Equals No Excitement
This won't be another I love the BCS column. I have made that pretty clear. But think about this-If we didn't have the BCS todays LSU-Arkansas matchup would be meaningless. Tomorrow we have a number of huge games that would be meaningless...
BCS Means Baby Crying Syndrome
It's not often  I agree with the President of the United States but I totally am with President Obama when he says we have become a nation of whiners and cryers. I paraphrase what the president says but the point is he is spot on. Take the latest crying concerning the  College Footbal…
Cady’s Corner – Episode 12 [AUDIO]
Today was the 12th week of "Cady's Corner," a 1-hour show covering all of the major headlines and games in College Football. Brian Cady will host the show every Saturday morning from 10-11am during the season, breaking down local and national teams every week.
Save The Bowl Games
Most people wouldn’t argue that the system currently in place for deciding a College Football Champion is broken, but does fixing it have to mean death to the bowl system? I don’t think so.