Bill Belichick

Can Larry Fitzgerald Ever Surpass Jerry Rice?
In advance of the Arizona Cardinals coming into town this Sunday, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick gave high praises to Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. While speaking with reporters, Belichick said Fitzgerald is "a great, great receiver, will go down as one of the all-tim…
Jets Are Goin’ Down
It's very unlikely that the Jets will head into Foxborough and come away with a win against Tom Brady and the Patriots.  Here are a few things that the Jets will have to do to actually pull off the upset.
Tom Brady Bites Back
Tom Brady has been getting beat on in the New York press, by Jet players, as well as Rex Ryan all week. He has finally has spoken out with the most controversial statement of them all.
Rex Ryan Might Be A Genius
He has a young quarterback, a team that will be underdogs in every post-season game they play (unless they meet Seattle in the Super Bowl), and an unsettling knack for podiatry.  So what has Rex Ryan done over the last 2 weeks that has me calling him a genius?