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Sinkoff’s Uncle Designs Sign For Fenway Park
My Uncle Mark is nicknamed "Uncle Fenway" for a reason.  He actually works for the Red Sox.  His company, Favermann Design, has been designing signage for sporting events for years.
They created the "look" for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and are r…
It’s Now Or Never For The Yankees
While the Red Sox and Yankees have both gone 8-2 in their last ten games, Boston suffered a huge blow to their roster over the weekend with Carl Crawford and Clay Buchholz both going on the disabled list. The message in the Yankees clubhouse the next 2-3 weeks should be loud and clear: if you want t…
Big Papi Calls Out Joe Girardi
David Ortiz wasn't happy that Yankees' manager Joe Girardi questioned his bat flip on Tuesday night.  Big Papi has a simple message for the Yankees' skipper.
Yankees vs. Red Sox: Series Means More For NY
Tonight in the Bronx, it's a battle of 1st place in the AL East as the Yankees and Red Sox will begin their 3rd series of the year. 
1st place New York comes into the 3-game set with a 1-game lead over the Sox.
In my opinion, this series clearly means more for one te…
The Worst Feeling As A Sports Fan
Last night, my Orioles blew a 6-0 lead against the Red Sox - only to lose 8-7 on a walkoff double by Adrian Gonzalez. It was an empty feeling seeing Boston comeback and cut into the lead inning-by-inning.
I'm not kidding when I tell you that this experience made me sick to my stomach.
Posada Quit On His Teammates
Take off your Pinstriped-colored glasses for a minute and hear me out.
What Yankees DH Jorge Posada did on Saturday night was inexcusable.
Red Sox Sweep Yankees
The Red Sox finished off a three-game sweep against the Yankees with a 7-5 win against New York on Sunday night.  Two very interesting things happened in this series, including something that should never happen.
MLB Playoff Format Changed
It looks like Major League Baseball will make a major change for the 2012 playoffs.  There is a proposal to add one more Wild Card club for each league.
That's a great idea.
Manny Is A Hall Of Famer
You can say what you want about Manny Ramirez - quitter, cheater or wacko.
I say he's a Hall of Famer.  No doubt about it.
Josh Beckett Shuts Down Yankees
Josh Beckett dominated the Yankees during a 4-0 win by the Red Sox on Sunday Night Baseball.  Boston might be turning the corner in more than one way.

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