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“The Team” Super Bowl Squares Contest
Over the last few days, Brian Noe qualified 25 listeners during "The Noe Show" for the opportunity to win an amazing Valentine's Day package from Mazzone Hospitality. And now, it is time to unveil the results of our "numbers drawing" for the Super Bowl Square…
Men (Brian Noe) Shouldn’t Wear Patterned Jeans
Today I came to work casually dressed because it was Casual Friday (not a special day for me, people around here are lucky I wear pants at all). It's days like today you get to see what your co-workers personalities are outside of work. (If they are wearing a Phish T-shirt, they are a pretty cool du…
Driving Through A Snowbank
Driving through a snowbank in a Chevy Malibu can be a 50/50 proposition.  Check out Brian Cady and myself video taping an impromptu challenge.
Hallway Racing
The Inaugural Presidents' Day Racing Challenge might be the most grueling competition ever created.
What Do You Hate About Sports?
What are some things about sports that drive you crazy?  There are a couple of things that I had to get off of my chest as we get closer to March Madness.
3-Legged Duct Tape Race
It pains me to say that Brian Sinkoff and I had a complete meltdown at the Thunder Jam Nationals.  See for yourself.

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