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Cheater Clemens Gets Closer To Major League Return
As this gets to be more and more looking like reality, the main stream sports press continues to lose their collective minds.
For some reason too many pundits think or talk like this is so wonderful. I think it is a disgrace. Embracing steroid cheats, no matter the nostalgia is wrong...
Joe Torre Wants To Own The Los Angeles Dodgers
After spending less than a full year working at the MLB Offices in New York City, former MLB manager Joe Torre has decided he would rather work for himself than for MLB Commissioner Bud Selig. Earlier today, Torre announced that he is stepping down from his post as Executive Vice President of B…
Bonds Veridct Has Me Conflicted.
Talk about being conflicted by a judicial decision but the decision to have Barry Bonds confined to house arrest has me torn. I have to be honest. I can't stand Bonds. Might be the most unsavory athlete in my lifetime. Virtually everything about Bonds makes me ill...
MLB Playoff Format Changed
It looks like Major League Baseball will make a major change for the 2012 playoffs.  There is a proposal to add one more Wild Card club for each league.
That's a great idea.