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Quinnipiac and Monmouth Moving To MAAC
We have seen the landscape of college athletics change dramatically the last two years. Those profound changes for the most part involved the "big boys" and the large conferences. Well now it has come to the mid majors.
Butler has already joined the Atlantic 10 so this isn't a …
UCONN Beats Butler To Win National Championship
UCONN beat Butler 53-41 to win its third National Championship in college hoops.  53-41?  Good Lord, that was a horrible game to watch.  Unfortunately, this game will overshadow a great run by UCONN to a certain degree.
NCAA Tournament Isn’t Great Basketball
The NCAA Tournament is great theatre. Don't confuse that with great basketball. Everyone is glued to the games right now but is that really good basketball? Brian Noe gives it to us in the Noe Brainer.