california chrome

California Chrome Wins The Kentucky Derby
It was one horse, and the rest of the field, they said.
And this time, they got it right.
Because shortly after the field turned for home, one horse separated himself from that field, and crossed the wire alone - announcing to the world that though he's not a blue-blood, he's every bit as good.
That Ca…
Kentucky Derby Predictions and Betting Advice
I've never had a mint julep.  Hell, I don't even drink.  But after previewing this race, I may need one.
And after it, if it all goes south - like it certainly can in the Derby and is, perhaps, likely in an edition as confusing as this the 140th - I may need several.
The Kentucky Derby Field Preview
If we're being honest with ourselves, we know that 20 horses in one starting gate is pure lunacy.
But it's the Kentucky Derby, and on Derby day, lunacy is sublime.  Absurd hats, copious amounts of breath freshening plant infused alcohol, aggressively white suits, twenty horses, and mil…