Capital Region Sports Saturday

Castro Enthusiasm Needs to be Tempered (CR Sports Sat.)
If you missed this weekend's edition of "Capital Region Sports Saturday," brought to you by Mohawk Honda, have no fear, because as always, we've got you covered.
Topic times are approximations:
0:00-0:15 - I tell you about how Jimmer Fredette and the Westchester Knicks saw …
Jimmer Showing Well + Canzeri Joins Us (AUDIO)
If you missed this weekend's 'Capital Region Sports Saturday,' have no fear, because our podcast is now up:
As always, topic times are approximate:
0:00-0:12: I give my take on Ken Griffey Jrs. near-unanimous election into the Baseball Hall of Fame, and then I tell you how Siena continu…
Zobrist to the Mets is Needed + More (AUDIO)
If you missed 'Capital Region Sports Saturday' this morning, have no fear: We've got you covered.
As always, topic times are listed below, and are approximations:
0:00-0:12 - Despite the fact that the Burnt Hills girls' basketball team was beaten 84-4 and 79-12, I tell you why ther…