Three Amazing Catches From Over the Weekend
In one weekend of college football we saw possibly the three best catches of the year, some analysts have thrown out words like, "catch of the decade". Check out three catches from Saturday - and feel free to watch over and over again, marveling at, 'how did he do that...
Minor Leaguer Makes Amazing Catch, Or Does He? [VIDEO]
We all love to see highlights of amazing catches and web gems that wind up on Sportscenter's Top 10 list. At first glance the following video looks to be one of those kind of catches as Phillies Prospect Jiwan James playing for Double-A Reading takes away a Home Run.
Man Drops Daughter In Ultimate Foul Ball Catch Fail
We’ve all seen amazing foul ball catches from fans in the stands. But the guy in this video is so determined to catch an wayward ball, he forgets that he’s holding his daughter. Whoops!
Before you judge this man, put yourself in his shoes. When a foul ball is coming your way, you have mere seconds to…
Bringing Your Glove To A Baseball Game
So I was watching highlights of the Orioles/Mariners game the other day and I noticed something pretty cool.  A fan caught 3 foul balls during the game.
Sounds great, right?  Well, not exactly.
Markakis’ Great Catch
For 3 years, I've been saying that Nick Markakis is one of the best rightfielders in baseball.
Well, on Saturday night - the Orioles outfielder proved it.