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Amare And Melo By The Numbers
The debate will rage into the summer and the offseason regardless of the outcome of the Knicks season. Can Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire co-exist and lead the Knicks to an NBA title?
The raw numbers say no regardless of what the Knick pair claim...
David Stern Screws The Hornets – Bruce’s Thought Of The Day
Wel,l well, well. If we have learned one thing with this Chris Paul deal it's that in an effort to "help" the Hornets (who are owned by the NBA until an owner is found) Commissioner David Stern has proven to be a bad GM. Instead of the Hornets taking the original deal that would have broug…
Lakers Pull Out Of Chris Paul Trade
The Los Angeles Lakers have decided against bringing in all-star point guard Chris Paul just days after the NBA vetoed their proposed trade.  That now leaves Houston and New Orleans hanging in the mix.
Paul To LA Getting Closer
After a day of grumbling by many fans,most media and the 3 teams involved in the deal it looks like Chris Paul very well could be heading to the Lakers,perhaps in the next 48 hours. The 3 teams involved,the Houston Rockets,The Lakers and New Orleans are back at it...