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Tim Tebow And His Broncos Continue To Win
I am shaking my head as I write this. 1st shame on me for my knee jerk reaction to the mediocrity of the NFL. Think I realized this today as I was watching the games. The greatness of the NFL is not in the greatness of play but the greatness of the enjoyment...
Tim Tebow: Great? Or Greatest?
Polarizing.  Electrifying.  Wretchedly Awful.  Scintillatingly Brilliant.  He's the truth and he's a lie, in the same game.  And he's as fun a story as I've seen in a long time.
Jet Fans Be Worried
Oh I have a case of Football fatalism. I have talked about this before and today I have caught it. I am dreading this game tonight vs the Tebows biiiiiig time. It's pretty well established that almost ALL football fans are fatalistic when it comes to their teams...
The Truth Behind The Tebow Hate
As I was watching the Sunday blitz with Chris Berman and Tom Jackson an interesting question fell from the lips of Berman. Why do so many people hate Tim Tebow? I don't mean not like Tebow as a QB but flat out hope he fails big time. The answer is easy for me - while  there is much discussion about …

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