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Strawberry on the Timing of Jeter’s Retirement
After 19 seasons, Derek Jeter is going to call it quits after his 20th.
Longtime New York Yankee Darryl Strawberry commented on the difficulty of knowing when your time is done in the sports world.
"It's hard for any athlete," said Strawberry...
Jeter Reminded Us Why He’s Jeter At Press Conference
On Wednesday, Derek Jeter spoke for the first time since announcing that this would be his last season, via Facebook.
Audio: Jeter's opening statement -
For anyone who has forgotten or doesn’t understand why ‘The Captain’ has gotten so much attention by the f…
Derek Jeter’s Press Conference
Yankee's captain Derek Jeter held his formal press conference today. Jeter announced he will be retiring after this season last week after 18 season's in the MLB all with the New York Yankees .
Jeter's answers today to reporters questions were 100% Jeteresque...
Where Does Derek Jeter Rank Among Yankee Greats (POLL)
As Derek Jeter will take his farewell tour around the MLB stadiums this season, Jeter will forever be embedded into the history of the greatest franchise in sports The New York Yankees.
Derek Jeter is a

1996 ROY
5 Time World Series Champion
Apart of the 3,000 hit club
13 Time All-Star

5 Time Gold-Glover
Derek Jeter Announces His Retirement
Here we go again Yankees fans.
Last season Yankees Nation was fully invested in the 162 game farewell tour of Mariano Rivera, the greatest closer in MLB history. Now it's Derek Jeter's turn.
Jeter, the Yankees Team Captain and one of the greatest Bombers to ever play, has officially announce…
Robertson Not Over-Analyzing Role of Yanks’ Closer
TAMPA, Fla. (AP) — New York Yankees reliever David Robertson is not overanalyzing his role as Mariano Rivera's replacement.
Robertson is moving from an eighth-inning setup man to closer following Rivera's retirement.
He says "Throwing the eighth or ninth inning, you've st…
Jeter Deal Leaves Yankess With $80M
NEW YORK (AP) — Derek Jeter's new contract has increased the Yankees' luxury tax payroll to $97.71 million for seven signed players next year. That leaves leaving New York with about $80 million to spend on the rest of its roster if the team wants to get under the 2014 luxury tax thr…
Yankees Pick Up Jeter’s One-Year Option
Written by Brian Krosky
Despite playing a minimal 17 games throughout his injury-plagued 2013 campaign, Derek Jeter is set for one more season as a Yankee to add to his illustrious 19 year career, all of which have been with the pinstripes.

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