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Dwight Howard Is Staying Put In Orlando
Dwight Howard waived the early termination option in his contract on Thursday which is only good news for the Orlando Magic and it's fans. He will be in a Magic uniform for at least one more season.
Dwight Howard To The Knicks Being Discussed
You listen to Dwight Howard and it is easy to walk away confused. In one breath he says the Orlando Magic can win the NBA title. In the next, he wants out of Orlando or wouldn't mind being traded. Very confusing. Why, if he can get more  money in Orlando (and he thinks they can win a title…
Howard Whines Then Helps Beat The Knicks
You gotta love Dwight Howard. He plays hard every game, is a very productive player, rips players who are malcontents, then does most of his talking on the court. Until now! Before helping  the Orlando Magic to a  102-93 win over the Knicks in a matinee at the Garden on MLK day, Howard was whining t…

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