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Dwight Howard Dunks on Giant Stuffed Giraffe [VIDEO]
With the lockout continuing, NBA players have been forced to look elsewhere to fulfill their basketball jones. In the case of Dwight Howard, this journey took him to Japan, where the Orlando Magic center recently dunked on an 11-foot hoop which had been attached to the neck of a 12-foot stuffed gira…
Dwight Howard Toys With Playing Overseas
The NFL lockout looks like it is coming to a close, but we are just getting into the mess that is the NBA lockout.  Some players have already decided to play overseas for now, while others like Orlando's Dwight Howard are considering the option.
NBA Technical Fouls Need to be Assessed a Technical
Now that the NBA is heading towards the home stretch of the regular season, we have been hearing more and more technical foul talk with players nearing or hitting the technical foul limit of 16. Orlando's Dwight Howard is a prime example of this.
But how do I think the NBA should handle technica…
After dishing out the game-winning assist in a win over the Miami Heat, I now think Chicago point guard Derrick Rose is the NBA MVP right now. 
His 26 point effort against LeBron and the Heat cemented it for me.