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Eli Manning Set To Get 4-Year $84M Extension
On Tuesday ESPN's Adam Schefter told Armen And Levack, that the New York Giants quarterback was set to get paid this week. Reports came out early Friday that Manning is to receive a four-year contract extension worth $84 million that would include $65 million in guaranteed money, but the two sides h…
Eli Manning And Tony Romo Star In Direct TV Commercials [VIDEO]
Okay I miss Rob Lowe a little bit but these guys are great. Giants Quarterback Eli Manning and Cowboys QB Tony Romo do their best Rob Lowe and it's very funny. Eli is a bad stand up comedian.
Meanwhile Tony Romo shows his inner Bob Ross and how "Artsy Crafty" he is.
Ryan Tannehill Contract Extension Could Effect Giants
The Miami Dolphins have extended the contract of Quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill signed a six year $96 million extension with $45 million guaranteed per a league source. This contract puts Tannehill in the middle of the pack as far as QB pay goes...
What Does Shane Vereen Bring to Giants Offense?
The acquisition of former New England Patriots running back Shane Vereen to the New York Giants is one that will certainly give last season's eighth ranked offense a bit of a boost.  Vereen brings another weapon that offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo will look to utilize in the running game…

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