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Tim Tebow Tops List For Female Cheaters
This Tim Tebow guy is starting to crowd my territory! You know I was thrilled the Jets. my favortite team  from a football standpoint, and from being an exemplory human being and a TRUE role model. However without even trying this fella Tebow is so popular with the ladies that even though he ha…
Eli Manning On The “NFL Top 100″ List
NFL Network did a survey with current NFL players on who the Top 100 players are. The network is releasing the list backwards from 100-1, and yesterday announced #40-31, with Giants quarterback Eli Manning coming in at #31. We also know that only four other quarterbacks are going to finish ahead of …
NFL Top 10 Quarterbacks: Where Does Eli Rank?
ESPN writer K.C. Joyner wrote a piece about why he believes Tony Romo is a Top 5 NFL quarterback, and that made Brian Noe think about his Top Ten list. Noe has Eli Manning at #4, behind Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Drew Brees. Where do you put Eli...
Eli Manning’s Funny SNL Promo
Now that this draft mumbo-jumbo is out of the way, the NFL can focus on its biggest day of the offseason. I am, of course referring to Eli Manning’s comedic debut as host of Saturday Night Live.

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