Fan Fights Woman for Baseball
Man, love baseball, but I think there is one thing that I love more then sports as a whole, it's ladies.
This dude totally gave up the ability to get a date in the state of Arizona for the next 6 months. He gives Diamondback fans a bad name - all 14 of them.
Ball Collector Eats It Hard On TV
Man I hate this guy I’m glad  to see him eat it hardcore during the Mets game.  This is the guy who brags about having a trust fund and what not so he can go to enough baseball games to pile up 5,000 balls from games and batting practice.  He brings 2 hats to games one fro the home and away teams, t…
The Most Epic Domino Fail – Clip of the Day
This is the most bwahahahaha moment I’ve seen on the internet in a few years. This Kid is building a World record domino pyramid. He almost achieves his goal….almost. This is were the  hilarity of the video comes in. I don’t want to ruin it for you watch t…
Another High Five Fail – Clip of the Day
Everyone seemed to love the High Five Fail video I posted on Tuesday. So I found another gem for you guys right here. Watch the quarterback get denied High fives from every person on the side line. The best part is it is a clip from national TV and they just let the camera role as he wondered around…

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