Nine Bandwagon Fan Rules
I hate Bandwagon sports fans.  There's nothing worse than a guy that like all of the top teams with no regard for logic.  One of my good friends, Greg, is a Yankees fan, a Dallas Cowboys fan, a Notre Dame Football fan, an LA Lakers fan and a UNC Basketball fan.  But he's from the Capital Region!
To p…
Would You Have Sold The Ball From Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit?
I don't know what was a bigger story - Derek Jeter's 3000th hit being a homerun or the fact that a 23-year-old dude named Christian Lopez just gave the ball back to the Yankees and didn't want anything in return.
What on earth was this guy thinking?
Cubs Fan Throws Homerun Ball To Infield [VIDEO]
I'm not a big fan of throwing the ball back into the stands after a homerun.  I think it's a pretty lame tradition in baseball.
But yesterday, a Cubs fan proved that throwing the ball back after an opponent's homerun can be quite entertaining.
Minor League Hockey And Albany
I just checked out the latest attendance figures in the AHL and I noticed the Albany Devils are last in the league in attendance.
They're only averaging 2,818 fans per game.  That's over 600 less than the 2nd worst team - Abbotsford.
Why isn't anyone watching minor leagu…