Nine Bandwagon Fan Rules
I hate Bandwagon sports fans.  There's nothing worse than a guy that like all of the top teams with no regard for logic.  One of my good friends, Greg, is a Yankees fan, a Dallas Cowboys fan, a Notre Dame Football fan, an LA Lakers fan and a UNC Basketball fan.  But he's from the Capital Region!
To p…
Cubs Fan Throws Homerun Ball To Infield [VIDEO]
I'm not a big fan of throwing the ball back into the stands after a homerun.  I think it's a pretty lame tradition in baseball.
But yesterday, a Cubs fan proved that throwing the ball back after an opponent's homerun can be quite entertaining.
Minor League Hockey And Albany
I just checked out the latest attendance figures in the AHL and I noticed the Albany Devils are last in the league in attendance.
They're only averaging 2,818 fans per game.  That's over 600 less than the 2nd worst team - Abbotsford.
Why isn't anyone watching minor leagu…