Foul Ball

Rays Fan Goes Crazy For Foul Ball; Yanks Fan Dives
Nothing gets more American that a Patriotic Holiday. Nothing gets more American than baseball on that Patriotic Holiday. And nothing gets more American than a guy wearing 'Merica gear at a baseball game on that Patriotic Holiday.
Case in point: I give you this fan at last night's Mariners v…
Little Kid Throws Foul Ball Back (Video)
I've never gotten a foul ball at a major league baseball game. I think I got two at a Tri-City ValleyCats game, and I think I got two when I went to California and saw the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes.
It's a thrill I've been wanting my whole life...
Man Drops Daughter In Ultimate Foul Ball Catch Fail
We’ve all seen amazing foul ball catches from fans in the stands. But the guy in this video is so determined to catch an wayward ball, he forgets that he’s holding his daughter. Whoops!
Before you judge this man, put yourself in his shoes. When a foul ball is coming your way, you have mere seconds to…
Fan Catches Foul Ball While Talking on Cell Phone [VIDEO]
Generally, when a spectator at a baseball game catches a foul ball he’s next seen fielding a call from a friend or a relative who saw him make the snag on TV.
This Texas Ranger ran took that congratulations right away because he was already deep into a cell phone conversation when he casually grabbed…
Ball Collector Eats It Hard On TV
Man I hate this guy I’m glad  to see him eat it hardcore during the Mets game.  This is the guy who brags about having a trust fund and what not so he can go to enough baseball games to pile up 5,000 balls from games and batting practice.  He brings 2 hats to games one fro the home and away teams, t…
Bringing Your Glove To A Baseball Game
So I was watching highlights of the Orioles/Mariners game the other day and I noticed something pretty cool.  A fan caught 3 foul balls during the game.
Sounds great, right?  Well, not exactly.

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