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Siena Greats To be Honored
Sunday is a big day and night in the Capital Region for a number of former Siena Saints greats. It's the day several will be inducted into the Capital Region hall of fame.
Michelle Blot-Karawanga played 108 games in her Siena career, scoring over 500 points, nearly 350 rebounds and is ranked 6th…
Hall Of Fame Passes On Tuna!
I am partly outraged and part thrilled on the latest NFL hall of fame vote. Lets start with the good stuff. All hail Curtis Martin, arguably the greatest Jet of all time. Matin leads a  group of  6 inducted into the NFL HOF. Martin retired  after 11 years in the league as the 4th lead…
Why Doesn’t Yao Ming Want to Be in the Hall of Fame Yet?
Thanks to his stellar career in both China and the US, Yao Ming is a surefire Hall of Famer. But the former center isn’t ready to be inducted just yet.
Ordinarily, NBA players must wait five years after their retirement to be eligible for induction. However, since Yao was nominated by a member of the…

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