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The Kentucky Derby Field Preview
If we're being honest with ourselves, we know that 20 horses in one starting gate is pure lunacy.
But it's the Kentucky Derby, and on Derby day, lunacy is sublime.  Absurd hats, copious amounts of breath freshening plant infused alcohol, aggressively white suits, twenty horses, and mil…
Breeders’ Cup Friday Preview
For a racing fan, there is no weekend like Breeders’ Cup weekend.  The coronations of the sport of kings' newest royals, set against Southern California’s majestic, picturesque landscape.
Race after race, the world’s greatest thoroughbred&Clos…
This Man Wants A Wife In A Bad Way
This dude down in Austin, Texas has created a website ( where he proclaims that he'll pay anyone $1500 if they find him a wife. Of course, he has 100 stipulations and first, can we take a look at his mug first?
How is this dude still single...
Saratoga Weekly Roundup – Fourstardave Weekend
It was a roller-coaster week at Saratoga, but one highlighted by a few unbelievable shows of class.
Time flies when you're having fun, they say.
Does it also fly when you're making it rain cash all over Saratoga?  How about when the complexities of horse racing rob the contents of your …
Saratoga Weekly Round Up – Opening Weekend
"It is now post time...and party time."
Hokey words, but ones that an entire generation of Capital Region kids will forever identify with Saratoga Race Course, and ones that so sublimely and succinctly summarize the summer place to be.
Post time and party time...
Preakness Post 1-9.
If you are wondering what horses are going where for this Saturday's Preakness race, Derby winner Orb is at post #1 which is against the rail.  The rest is below with jockeys and odds.

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