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Subway Series Has Lost Its Luster
It sure isn't 1997 anymore.  Tiger Woods was young then.  Brett Favre and John Elway were still slinging passes.  MTV was cool.  Derek Jeter was in his prime.  Michael Jordan was dunking on people.  People couldn't start rumors on Facebook and Twitter.  Instant messaging was considered cool.  Televi…
Yankees-Mets Series Preview
The Subway Series is here again.  This of course is more for the fans and the media, but there are some terrific New York baseball storylines to this one.  First thing is first.  The Yanks come fresh off an impressive series win in Tampa Bay, where they seem to never win games. The Mets continue to …
Yankees Vs. Mets – Who Has The Advantage?
Interleague play gets going again this weekend, headlined by the "Subway Series" between the New York Yankees and the New York Mets. Who do you think has the advantage going into this weekend's three-game set?
Posada Leads Yanks To Win In 1st Game Of Day/Night Doubleheader
April 23rd.  That's the last time Jorge Posada hit a homerun.  A lot has happened since that time.  The former catcher lost his spot as the Yankees DH, was dropped to 9th in the order and is now primarily used as a pinch hitter.
But Posada made the most of rare start in the first game of a day/night …
Interleague Roll Call– Clip of the Day
This marks the Yankees first time in Wrigley field in 15 years.  I feel that this is an important match up. 1 and 3 in fan bases in the major leagues, these teams need to play more often. There is no question this game belongs on Sunday Night Baseball...
Interleague Play Is Great For Baseball
Interleague Baseball kicks off all around the Majors this weekend as National League teams will play American League clubs over the next 3 days.
Times like this remind me why it's great being a baseball fan.