What’s Up With Notre Dame?
Ok I admit this is a little over board as I like Notre Dame as well, but Program Director Brian Noe (104.5 "The Team" ESPN Radio) is a big Notre Dame fan. The question is, can Noe suit up to play for the Irish when they kick off the season this coming Saturday taking on Navy in a g…
Notre Dame Has Quarterback Issues
How many times has Notre Dame started a season on a bad note? See South Florida for  example. Are the Irish looking at another poor start? Time will tell us  but Tommy Rees has put the Irish in a spot as he has been suspended for the opener, in Ireland, when they take on a feisty Navy team…
Our 1st Report Of A Possible Fix At The Olympic Games
Day 1 of the 3oth Olympiad in London and our 1st report of possible chicanery at the games, this involving the country of Ireland.
The International Olympic Committee is reportedly investigating a member of the Irish contingency betting on an opponent to win a pre-olympics event, claiming that an Iri…
Hurling Is An Awesome Sport
Now that I got your attention.  Let's talk about hurling.  No, I don't mean having too much to drink and then getting sick.  I'm talking about the foreign sport called "Hurling".