Japanese Baseball

Baseball World Not Getting What it Wants Tonight
Baseball fans -- and millions of people across the Pacific Ocean -- are going to miss out on an unbelievable opportunity tonight when the Yankees travel to Seattle to play the Mariners.
In the midst of a 162-game regular season, especially one that has been disappointing for the Yanks to this point, …
Ichiro Is First Ballot Material
Over 2,600 hits.  A .322 lifetime batting average.  More than 3,400 total bases.  450+ steals.  1,200+ runs scored.  Over 600 RBI and over 100 home runs for a non-power player.  Ichiro Suzuki is not a Hall of Famer.  He is a first ballot Hall of Famer.
Texas “Wins” Darvish Sweepstakes
When is a win not a win? When the prize costs over 100 million dollars the that prize is unknown. Congratulations I guess to the Texas Rangers who had the top bid for Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish. Texas posted over 51 million just to have the right to negotiate a deal with Darvish...