jeremy lin

SNL Takes on Lin-sanity
The Jeremy Lin sensation has brought much attention to the NBA, the Knicks, and the Asian-American community. While most of the attention has been positive, fortune cookie graphics, insensitive signs and racially charged headlines have gotten some groups up in arms.
Jeremy Lin Wants To Copyright "Linsanity"
You probably won’t be surprised about this, but Jeremy Lin would rather have control over his name. And following his astronomical rise to fame, there’s been a just as astronomical rise in pirate Linsanity merchandise. But can he trademark his own name?
Lin Stays Hot – The Knicks Do Not
Lazy.Lethargic. Sloppy. Losers. That describes the Knicks loss to the inept New Orleans Hornetts Friday night at the Garden 89-85. The Knicks were  a turnover waiting to happen
Time Warner Cable and MSG Reach Agreement
Have you heard about Linsanity? Yeah, well now if you’re a Time Warner Cable customer you’ll be able to watch it as well. The dispute between Time Warner Cable and the MSG Network has been resolved, according to a party near to Time Warner. The despute has left more t…

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