Jerry Sandusky

Jerry Sandusky Doesn’t Deserve New Trial, Court Says
(AP) — A Pennsylvania appeals court says Jerry Sandusky doesn't deserve a new trial after being convicted of sexually abusing 10 boys.
A three-judge Superior Court panel ruled Wednesday, barely two weeks after hearing oral arguments by a state prosecutor and lawyers for the forme…
Bruce Jacobs To Appear On TV Tonight [VIDEO]
104.5 The Team, ESPN Radio's Bruce Jacobs will appear on the FOX 23 news this evening at 10pm & 11pm.  Meagan Farley stopped by the studio this afternoon to film Bruce for a reason other than his good looks and disco shirts.
Joe Pa Claims He Didn’t Know What To Do!
I can't help feel bad for Joe Paterno at this time. Frail, sick and kicked out of his entire life's work, Penn State, Paterno spoke for the 1st time since he was fired by the board of trustees at PSU.
Paterno speaking to the Washington Post claims he didn't know exactly how to handle a…
So Who Wants The Penn State Job?
If you think Penn State was having trouble attracting a good candidate to replace Joe Paterno, you might think again. Despite the problems that lie ahead fixing a broken Penn State football team the Lions don't seem to be hurting attracting several good coaching candidates. Seems Mike Munchak a PSU …

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