Jersey Shore

Vinny From The Jersey Shore Joins Levack and Goz
Credit: @VinnyGuadagnino
Earlier this week on Levack and Goz the guys were joined by former MTV reality star Vinny Guadagnino. Vinny appeared as a cast member on the wildy popular Jersey Shore from 2009-2012. Vinny along with his mother can now be seen on the Cooking Channel's newest show V…
Men (Brian Noe) Shouldn’t Wear Patterned Jeans
Today I came to work casually dressed because it was Casual Friday (not a special day for me, people around here are lucky I wear pants at all). It's days like today you get to see what your co-workers personalities are outside of work. (If they are wearing a Phish T-shirt, they are a pretty cool du…
“The Situation’s” Situation
Today I was up early eating a hearty breakfast reading the internet to get my daily fix of hilarious news when I stumbled across a story so shocking, so appalling, so badly tanned it had to involve the “Jersey Shore”.