OK With Jersey Sponsorships?
Would you stop watching basketball if instead of "Knicks," "Geico" was emblazoned across Carmelo Anthony's chest?  If Apple had a patch on his shoulder?  Or if "More Saving.  More Doing" lined the bottom of his jersey in suppo…
NBA Releases Christmas Day Jerseys
Christmas day is all about presents, family and all that great stuff. But when the morning over and Aunt Edna is on your last nerve - we all turn on the TV to watch some quality NBA action!
The National Basketball Association has 10 games on Christmas Day this year and on Thursday released the jersey…
Derek Jeter Has Top Selling Jersey Of 2011
Majestic Athletic, the company that provides the uniforms for all Major League Baseball teams recently released their list of the top selling jerseys of last season. The Captain of the Bronx Bombers, Derek Jeter tops this years list for the second year in a row.
Your Name And NFL Jerseys
If you're geeky enough to wear an NFL jersey, I've got some great fashion advice for you.  You should never, ever wear a jersey with your own last name on the back of it.  This is a definite no-no.