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Freeh Report Exposes Penn State Staff
Remember back in the fall, when Joe Paterno was removed as the head football coach at Penn State and a huge portion of the university and surrounding community started a full on riot? Remember how they flipped over a news van and told reporters that nobody did more for that community than Joe Patern…
Rename Field After Joe Pa!
There is a petition going on online that proposes changing the name of Penn State's playing field to Joe Paterno Field. I love this idea and I would do it right away. Some will say no go because Joe didn't do enough to stop Jerry Sandusky...
Joe Paterno Dies At Age 85
After a night of rumors about Joe Paterno's death, ESPN is reporting that the legendary college football coach has lost his battle with lung cancer.
Joe Paterno “Near Death”
According to ESPN reports, Joe Paterno is currently in "Serious" condition due to complications resulting from lung cancer treatments.  The former Penn State coach is said to be "Near Death.
Joe Pa Claims He Didn’t Know What To Do!
I can't help feel bad for Joe Paterno at this time. Frail, sick and kicked out of his entire life's work, Penn State, Paterno spoke for the 1st time since he was fired by the board of trustees at PSU.
Paterno speaking to the Washington Post claims he didn't know exactly how to handle a…
An Interesting Hire For Penn State.
The last time anyone paid any attention to Bill O'Brien he was in  a shouting match on the sidelines with Patriots QB Tom Brady. Well get ready  Bill cause you are about to get a lot of TV time now. O'Brien has agreed to be the next coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions...
So Who Wants The Penn State Job?
If you think Penn State was having trouble attracting a good candidate to replace Joe Paterno, you might think again. Despite the problems that lie ahead fixing a broken Penn State football team the Lions don't seem to be hurting attracting several good coaching candidates. Seems Mike Munchak a PSU …

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