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Gilbride to Announce Retirement
Looks like the Giants fan base is going to get their wish as reports indicate that 62-year old offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride will announce his retirement, as early as Thursday.
How Much Is Kevin Gilbride to Blame?
It seems to be a common theme where New York Giants fans annually turn any offensive blame to coordinator Kevin Gilbride.
The 62-year old is in his 6th season with the Giants and the worst statistical year that 2x Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning has had...
Is Giants Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride the Problem?
The Giants offense is hard to watch these days. With the non-existent rush game and makeshift offensive line, quarterback Eli Manning has thrown nine interceptions through four games.
While there is much to complain about in relation to the names on the back of the jersey, many are calling out the pl…
Diary of a Giants Fan: Giants – Bills Preview
Admittedly folks, I'm still getting over the Seahawks game - even though I kind of saw it coming. I mean, how do you lose to that complete dumpster fire of an organization?  But I come to you today with a renewed sense of defiance.  Why?  Because the 4-1 Buffalo Bills invade the Swamps of Jersey thi…