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Bills Kyle Williams Calls Team Out After Loss
The Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan, can take all the blame he wants for yesterday's 40-32 loss to the New England Patriots, but his veterans know where the blame lies. Ryan is one of them best coaches in the game at getting his players fired up and ready to play, on Sunday his players looked too …
NY Giants Dragged Into Bounty-Gate
The net is being cast wide and far. Who else declares bounties and targets the head? After the sickening Gregg Williams audio was released last week the rent a slueths are casting about looking for more savage and neanderthal soundbites or quotes...
Death Threats In Sports Are Ridiculous
San Francisco 49ers punt returner Kyle Williams had a rough day on Sunday when his team lost to the New York Giants.  Now, according to his father Kenny Williams he is receiving death threats.