Jeremy Lin’s Big Test Tonight
Right now the hottest player in the NBA is Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin.  He has come up huge in their last few games, but his biggest test comes tonight against the Los Angeles Lakers.
Jimmer Fredette Shines In NBA Debut
The Sacramento Kings opened up their season last night against the Los Angeles Lakers and come away with the 100-91 win.  Glens Falls native Jimmer Fredette was a part of that win as he made his pro basketball debut.
Lakers Pull Out Of Chris Paul Trade
The Los Angeles Lakers have decided against bringing in all-star point guard Chris Paul just days after the NBA vetoed their proposed trade.  That now leaves Houston and New Orleans hanging in the mix.
NBA Playoffs vs NHL Playoffs
The NHL playoffs are set to begin while the NBA playoffs are about a week away from starting.
So which post-season do you enjoy more?
The NFL Won’t Work In L.A.
I got an email yesterday asking me if I thought the NFL would work in Los Angeles.  It's a good question but it's an easy answer.
The Zen Master Takes A Cheap Shot
Phil Jackson is never lacking when it comes to subtle comments to get under the skin and into the mind of his opponents.  Tuesday night, however, he stooped beneath the standard of class that we have come to expect from him.

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