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Are You Happy LeBron Won His First Title?
Last night, we witnessed the official coronation of "The King," as LeBron James and the Miami Heat finally won the NBA Title in five games over the Oklahoma City Thunder. Are you happy that LeBron James finally won his first NBA Championship last night...
Mike Tyson Performs Ode To LeBron On Jimmy Kimmel Show [VIDEO]
There is a popular misconception in this great nation of ours that if you put Mike Tyson in something, it becomes funny. Just ask the writers of The Hangover 3 (Is that Mike Tyson?... In a dress?!?!). However, when Jimmy Kimmel had Tyson on his program to sing an ode to LeBron, it was comedic gold.
LeBron James Vs. Kevin Durant
Now they have both reached the same level in their sport,  we believe it is a fair time to ask this question. If you had to start an NBA team, would you take Kevin Durant or LeBron James?
Should The NBA Allow More Fouls?
During the NBA Playoffs, there have been many controversial calls from referees, some of which have piled up and caused star players to foul out of games (i.e. Paul Pierce and LeBron James last night). Do you think the NBA should increase the number of fouls a player is allowed to commit...

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