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I’ll Take The Heat In A Game 7 Cliffhanger
Fear not Heat fans. Cackles about my predictions are vastly over rated. In fact I have been pretty flawless in the NBA playoffs. I had the Heat taking out the Spurs in 7 from the start of the playoffs. I will stick with that pick.
I am enjoying the chatter today about the mega game 7 for the NBA titl…
Who Will Win NBA Finals Game 7? [POLL]
So it has come down to this.  Heat and Spurs and Spurs and Heat.  Game 7, what sports fans love.  You can hate the officials, blame players or coaches for strategies that went bad or yell about anything else like fouls that were or weren't called...
Heat Trounce The Spurs. Tie The NBA Finals At 2
You listen to most of sports talk radio and you would think the Miami Heat are playing the Miami Heat in the NBA finals. On top of that if the Heat lose a a game well the world is coming to an end. When the Spurs lose, as they did game 4, it is still only about the Heat...
Boston Globe’s Bob Ryan Talks With The Team
Bob Ryan, legendary NBA columnist and reporter for the Boston Globe, recently joined Mike Lindsley on 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio to talk NBA playoffs, LeBron James and his Mount Rushmore and All-NBA First Team roster in league history.  Listen here:

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