Nine Bandwagon Fan Rules
I hate Bandwagon sports fans.  There's nothing worse than a guy that like all of the top teams with no regard for logic.  One of my good friends, Greg, is a Yankees fan, a Dallas Cowboys fan, a Notre Dame Football fan, an LA Lakers fan and a UNC Basketball fan.  But he's from the Capital Region!
To p…
The Best Athlete Guest Stars on the Simpsons
“The Simpsons” have been on the air for 22 seasons, and are coming back fro a 23, so there is a chance you have heard of the show. During this epic run there has been many guest stars and a whole mess of them were from the sporting world.  Here is a list of the 10 be…
Top 10 Sports Comedies
Here is my list of sporting comedies to get you thought the next sportless 2 weeks. I can only take so much Super Bowl sub plots and pro-bowl action before I’m ready to jump off my house into a snow bank.  Here Is my List