The NFL Lockout And The League’s Personal Conduct Policy
Well, after over 5 months, it looks like the NFL lockout is finally coming to an end.  There will be plenty to do over the next few weeks like signing free agents and rookies as well as figuring out which players will be starters.
But there's also one other small thing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell …
The NFL Lockout Continues
The NFL lockout is now in its 55th day and the reality of having no football this fall is starting to sink in.
What's even more alarming is how this lockout will affect us here in the Capital Region.
The NFL Lockout: I’m Confused
Yesterday, a judge essentially said there should be no NFL lockout – and told the players and owners to get back to work.  The NFL owners are now appealing it.
In the meantime, the owners are asking the judge to delay the lockout being lifted while they’re wa…