LSU Alabama Rematch
Oh the sky is falling. A crime has been committed. Blow the whole thing up. The BCS is awful! These are some of things the detractors of College Football's system will declare-and yet none of them will be true. In fact I will argue unlike any other sport the BCS which was set up to give football fan…
BCS Means Baby Crying Syndrome
It's not often  I agree with the President of the United States but I totally am with President Obama when he says we have become a nation of whiners and cryers. I paraphrase what the president says but the point is he is spot on. Take the latest crying concerning the  College Footbal…
Cady’s Corner – Episode Ten [AUDIO]
Today was the tenth week of "Cady's Corner," a 1-hour show covering all of the major headlines and games in College Football. Brian Cady will host the show every Saturday morning from 10-11am during the season, breaking down local and national teams every week.
LSU, Alabama Take Top Spots in First BCS Poll
SEC powerhouses Louisiana State and Alabama rank first and second  in the first BCS poll of the year. In-state and Big 12 rivals Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are third and fourth, with Boise State rounding out the top five.
NCAA College Football – Week Six Recap
This was a big week for football fans, with a lot of important action on the field. Once again, several teams made their case for why they should be #1, as LSU and Oklahoma won big over ranked opponents and Alabama pitched another shutout. Here are all the highlights from around the Top 25.
College Football Top 25 Weekend Recap – Week Four
Week four’s games featured our first handful of conference matchups, some great individual performances and one instant classic featuring two top 10 teams. Here is this week’s wrap-up from the top 25.
#1 Oklahoma 38, Missouri 28
The top-ranked Sooners struggled early, trailing 14-3 just nine minutes i…

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