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Hey Fireman Ed-Enough—Bruce’s Thought Of The Day
So it seems Eddie Anzalone, aka Fireman Ed, is "threatening" a comeback. Hey big Eddie I got news for you. You aren't Michael Jordan. Nobody cares!
Anzalone, made famous for leading the J-E-T-S- JETS JETS JETS chant at home games, "retired" last year, quitting…
Mark Sanchez In, Joe McKnight Out At Jets Camp
In a move that should surprise no one, but might anger a few, Jets coach Rex Ryan named Mark Sanchez as the starting quarterback for their preseason opener against the Detroit Lions this coming Friday night in Detroit.
It is appropriate that the game is in Detroit as the popularity of Sanchez is sink…
How Many Quarterbacks are WORSE than Mark Sanchez?
Mark Sanchez has certainly regressed since taking the New York Jets to two straight AFC Championship games.  52 turnovers the last two years?  And now he is competing with a West Virginia rookie for a job that was his just a few years ago. That is regressing for sure.
Geno Smith Not Attending Mark Sanchez’s Camp
Geno Smith will not be attending Mark Sanchez's camp in Southern California that will include many New York Jets teammates.  This has been dubbed "Jets West," and is Sanchez's organized attempt at informal workouts, team bonding and a jump start to training camp 2013…

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