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Mark Sanchez Linked To Eva Longoria
Sure, dealing with the most popular player in the NFL, Tim Tebow, as your backup quarterback will be a pain in the butt for Mark Sanchez.  However, there are still advantages to being the QB of the New York Jets.
Tim Tebow Tops List For Female Cheaters
This Tim Tebow guy is starting to crowd my territory! You know I was thrilled the Jets. my favortite team  from a football standpoint, and from being an exemplory human being and a TRUE role model. However without even trying this fella Tebow is so popular with the ladies that even though he ha…
The Best Free Agent Still Without A Deal
Hard for me to believe that Wide Reciever Mike Wallace, a work in progress still but top notch talent still doesn't have a deal with the Pittsburgh Steelers or anyone else for that matter.
Seems the speed burner has priced himself high-very high, to the tune of Larry Fitzgerald money if not a fe…
Leave Sanchez Alone!
When did Mark Sanchez become Kyle Boller? Or Rex Grossman? Answer-NEVER yet listening to many voices you would think he is the worst QB in history-Jets history. Fact is besides Joe Namath no Jet QB has has had more success then Sanchez. Now if the measuring stick is Tom Brady then yes Mark Sanchez i…

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