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Geoff Schwartz on NFL Playoffs
To help break down the AFC and NFC Championship games and give an early preview of the Super Bowl, Armen and Levack were joined by New York Giants offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz - who also gave his thoughts on the team resigning quarterback Eli Manning.
Is Deflate-Gate A Big Deal? [POLL]
Controversy has erupted in the wake of the Patriots' romping win over the Indianapolis Colts in Sunday's AFC Championship game.  The NFL has confirmed that New England is under league investigation for illegally deflating footballs so as to gain a competitive advantage...
Tom Brady Becomes MVP Telemarketer [Video]
Everyone knows how good of a football player Tom Brady is, but not everyone get's to see the quarterback's funny side.
Brady stars in a new Daily MVP commercial, and lets you see just how hilarious the Patriots quarterback is. Brady plays a telemarketer with a rocking mullet...
Jets-Patriots Preview
In recent weeks, the Jets have taken a nose dive while the Patriots have begun to climb back atop the lofty bit of real estate they generally occupy.
Now, headed in opposite directions, the two teams are set to meet on Thursday Night Football, in a bitter AFC-East battle.
Who will win? How might the J…
Jets Send Care Package To Leah Still
The New York Jets have been one of the most dysfunctional teams in the past couple years, and have received nothing but negative criticism.
Sometimes as sports journalist, fans, and players we have to decompress ourselves and look outside of the field...
Bill Belichick is on to Cincinatti [VIDEO]
Every NFL coach and player must speak with the media.  It's part of the job, it's part of what earns them their outrageous salary.  Every now and then, they must stand up in front of a group of reporters and answer a few questions.
Unless they're Bill Belichick.  Then they don't have to answer them. …
New York Jets Just Can’t Get Over Revis
Last night the New York Jets 2014 regular season schedule came out.
Today the team put posted its official schedule for their fans. There was just one major mistake on that schedule. Under the caption "Let's Go Jets" there is a picture of a Jets player screaming...

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