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Top 5 Games to Watch This NFL Season
The 2013 NFL schedule has been released.  And now everyone can take a deep breath and be relieved.  Until the games start that is.  Here is a look at the Top 5 games to watch on the upcoming NFL calendar.
Can Danny Amendola Replace Wes Welker In Patriots Offense? [POLL]
Wes Welker signed with the Denver Broncos yesterday in a shocking move that left many New England Patriots fans wondering "who in the world is Tom Brady going to throw the ball to besides his tight ends?"
In an attempt to answer that question, the Patriots signed former Rams receiver Danny…
Jets Cut Bart Scott, Calvin Pace, $30 Million In Salary
Tuesday was chopping block day for the NY Jets. When all was totaled five players and $30.7 million dollars were sliced from the payroll and the roster.
The biggest of the cuts were linebacker Bart Scott, he of the "can't stop a nosebleed" and "can't wait"…
Michael Strahan Left Out, Parcells Voted In NFL Hall Of Fame
Finally for the man known as Tuna the phone finally rang and the news was good. Very good. After 4 cracks the great Bill Parcells finally gets voted into the hall of fame. While Giant and Jet fans can celebrate this fans of the big blue are perplexed at Michael Strahan being left out...
Tom Brady Gets Fined For “The Slide”
One of the most bizarre plays from "Conference Championship Sunday" in the NFL has been reviewed by the league, and Tom Brady is going to pay for it. The star quarterback of the New England Patriots has been fined $10,000 for making questionable contact with Baltimore Ravens corner…

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