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NFL Suspends 4 Saints Players For Bountygate
Roger Godell isn't playing around when it comes to bounties in the NFL. First, New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton was suspended for a year and Defensive Cooridinator Gregg Williams received and indefinite suspension.  Now 4 Saints Players will be paying penalties too.
Did Goodell Block Parcells Return To Coaching?
It would have been fun. For those of us that admire Bill Parcells and enjoy his coaching style (and there are millions), there was a little disappointment today, finding out that the Tuna has declined to take over the helm of the Beleaguered Saints...
Gregg Williams Is Finished!
As someone who claimed that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell went too far in hammering the New Orleans Saints, I have  to retrack my opinion a bit. The evidence forces me to.
In a brand new audio tape just unveiled to the public former Saints Defensive Co-ordinator Gregg Williams is clearly heard telli…
Saints Coach Sean Payton Suspended
It pays to have bounties put on players in the NFL, but not in the good way. Wednesday, the NFL suspended New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton for an entire year effective April 1st.
Even In Bounty-Gate NFL Wins
It's the first week of March.  The Super Bowl is over.  The Combine is over.  The draft is over a month away.  Yet every sports talk show in the Western world led off, today, with the NFL. @JoeBianchino
Rodgers Easy MVP!
So much for Drew Brees setting the new 1 season passing yardage record and other accomplishments for the New Orleans QB. AP voted packers QB Aaron Rodgers the runaway winner of the MVP Saturday night. Rodgers recieved 48 of the 50 votes, the other 2 going to Brees...

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