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NFL Films Paul Camarata Joins Levack And Wolf [AUDIO]
Tuesday Night starts a new season of Hard Knocks on HBO. This season follows the Los Angeles Rams. We reached out to NFL Films and Albany native Paul Camarata joins us to preview Hard Knocks and the other NFL Films projects that are in the works...
NFL Films Has Access To The New England Patriots [VIDEO]
NFL Films has been granted access to the New England Patriots Ownership and coaching staff for a film on 2014. First of all I am excited to see this season because it was a great story, second will the inflation of footballs be brought up at all...
NFL Films Shooting in Albany
Yesterday we reported that Albany High School was breaking ground on its new athletic facility. This stadium will allow the Falcons football, soccer, and lacrosse teams to play home contests on campus for the first time in history.
But also in Albany yestereday...
The Cavaliers Do Something Right
Have you seen this?  A homeless man was asking for money on the corner of I-71 and Hudson St. in Cleveland and was given a job by the Cavaliers due to his unique talent.