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Ryan Fitpatrick Joins Jets Players For Guy’s Night [VIDEO]
Wait...what?!...#breaktheNYinternet #rangers #playoffs
A video posted by Eric Decker (@edeck87) on Apr 19, 2016 at 5:05pm PDT
Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Jets' front office still have details to work out, but he clearly still has the love of his former, and potentially future, teammates...
Rodgers-Cromartie Stands Out At Pro Bowl
All New York area teams had representatives at the 2016 NFL Pro Bowl. Team Irvin defeated Team Rice 49-27 in the meaningless exhibition game.
The New York Giants had four players at the game including QB Eli Manning, WR Odell Beckham Jr...
Jets Nick Mangold Scares Pepsi Drinkers [VIDEO]
As part of a Pepsi promotion they put Jets center Nick Mangold in a gas station cooler and had him snap Pepsi's at and to customers. The results are actually pretty histerical. My favorite is either the guy not buying a Pepsi or the guy that wants NOTHING to do with Mangold or his drinks...
Jets Expect Nick Mangold To Play Against Pats
New York Jets center Nick Mangold has missed the last two games with a high right ankle sprain.  However, the three-time Pro Bowler is expected to be healthy enough to suit up on Sunday against the New England Patriots.