Olympic Athlete Breaks Out of Bathroom [Photo]
We've heard about all the issues in Sochi for the Winter Olympics and US Bobsledder Johnny Quinn discovered a new problem on Saturday morning.
As Quinn was getting ready for his Today Show interview, the lock on his bathroom door got jammed...
Sochi Conditions Not As Bad As Advertised
No door knobs, lack of hot water, missing shower curtains, etc. The stories from the media in Sochi have be nightmarish.
Westwood One's Ted Emrich joined Armen Williams on Thursday morning and said that it might not be as bad as we have been made to believe...
Sochi Street Dog Wanders Into Cross Country Training [VIDEO]
Street dogs have been an interesting and sad storyline of the early Sochi Olympics. Earlier this week we learned that there were so many wandering canines in and around the Olympic venues that Russian authorities had hired an independent company to literally shoot any and all dogs they see to make s…
My Top 5 Winter Olympic Events
Though Sochi may not be ready, the Winter Olympics are set to get underway on Thursday.
On Friday, the torch will be lit, and dozens of events will take center stage - ensorcelling the world until the flames are extinguished and they fade back into obscurity.
Of those events, which are the best?  …

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